New to Android App Development? Here is your Guide to start with it.

The mobile world is blooming and Android is the most successful mobile operating system today. With Android devices’ growing demand, it is the golden time when you can try hands in Android app development. Here are the five things you need to know before creating that first killer app.

How to Learn Android App Development?

Understand, Practice and Master the Java Programming Language.

You must know that Java is the main programming language of Android. If you are going to start with android app development, you must learn the basic Java concepts, object oriented programming concepts, language fundamentals that primarily include packages, classes, objects, interfaces and inheritance, number and strings, concurrency, collections, generics, etc. If you want to master android, you have to understand and practice Java to learn android development in a more rebuts and elegant way. Find the best resources – online or offline, popular books and excellent faculty to learn the Java language and android development.

Choose your Android App Development Tools and Environment Carefully.

The next important job for you is to familiarize yourself with the integrated development environment at Android platform. You must also get knowledge of building automation tools. For android development, you can use Eclipse or the newer Android Studio IDE. Both these tools are open source, means available free of cost. When you develop with Eclipse as Android development tool, you have to learn basics of using Eclipse. You can use IDE at the same time to improve your code.

For automation building, learn Apache Apache Ant, Apache Maven, and Gradle, which are a set of tools to manage your builds. Also, get knowledge of course control concepts and tools available through the Git Pocket Guide or Bitbucket.

Be Aware of Fragmentation

Keeping the openness in mind, Android is a fragmented market with different versions of it. Make sure that your app supports more versions and devices that will allow you more testing and maintenance of your newly developed apps. Use appropriate assets, fonts, layouts, Android supported sensors and UI facilities, if any.

It is important to learn the Android Application, Activity, Fragments and Services Application Components.

It is important to know that every android app has a class of applications with one or more activities and one or more fragments. It is unsure that you have or have not the services for all background tasks for running your app continuously.  To have better knowledge of the solution to this dilemma is learning android fundamentals, building hybrid Android apps with Java and JavaScript that will help you learn very essential components in the process of Android app development.

Learn About Threads, Tasks, and Loaders.

Most of the people now use mobile devices and a wonderful user experience matters a lot for you if you are in Android app development. It is the golden rule to win the mobile market. Therefore, the user interface that is also called main system must never get blocked to ensure a better user experience. This is possible only when all long operations like network, I/O, computations, run asynchronously in the background in different threads. For this, you have to learn the concurrency facility of Java language and Android’s own facilities.

So, with these tips, you can better kick-start your Android app development practices.


Do you want to start with the development of your first Android app? Learning Java and JavaScript is a must to start, practice and gradually, master Android app development skills.


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