App Store Optimization – importance

The method of improving the mobile app’s visibility in the app store is known as App Store Optimization. The app stores can be BlackBerry World for BlackBerry, Windows Store for Windows Phone Google Play for Android and iTunes for IOS. However, the mobile apps can be Windows Phone App, Blackberry, android, iPad and iPhone. In the mobile app marketing puzzle, the ASO is considered as a crucial piece. Getting your developed app explored is one of the major issues faced by people these days with over 2 million apps in the major app stores. The marketing of any type of app definitely requires effort and relying on more clever ways. There are different mediums that claim to provide best online presence to the apps. However, few can work as per desire indeed. One of such ways is App store Optimization.


Like Search Engine Optimization, you can increase the internet visibility of your app. In this way, more users would know about your app and they incline towards it by installing the app. providing higher ranks to any app in the App Store search results is done through the process of optimization called App Store Optimization. Many tools and useful small processes of ASO are useful to increase the app store visibility of any app.  The more visible it is to potential customers if the higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results. Searchers can take a specific action in result by driving more traffic in your app’s page in the app store. It is the main objective of the App store optimization.

It is not as simple as you think because there is a competition of your app with the 2 million other mobile applications. First of all, you must know about the targeted customer base as this process requires a crucial understanding. Once you would have to develop the list of your targeted customer base to get the desired outcomes without any hassle. You’ll have the better understanding of your potential customer’s language when you learn more about which keywords are being used. You can home in on your keyword choices with the crucial piece of nay marketing plan.

The importance of ASO

The app searchers by using app stores are 63% in figure. This clearly shows the importance of showing presence of your app through app store searching. Like SEO, the ASO also takes your app on the top of the search results. Although, you’d also have to do a lot of effort through marketing the app but it also works excellently. Search actually makes up the vast majority of installs for the average app. The actual reality is that the majority of publishers don’t invest in ASO with hundreds of thousands of apps in each app store. Indeed, the ASO is a secret tool that can take your site to the next level by providing great success. You can improve the ASO by giving at least few years every week to your app. It will be quite helpful for you.

About the Author –   James Gaubert

James Gaubert currently heads up the Middle East operations of Bruce Clay Inc as well as runs his own digital marketing blow,  James set up Bruce Clay Middle East in 2015, building what is today a full service, award wining, digital agency from scratch. Bruce Clay Middle East is home to a team of over 25 digital experts, who bring in an annual revenue of over US$ 2.5 million.
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