How to Master the Mobile App Marketing?

Apps became popular much before half of the earth’s population, even heard about app marketing and development. The first app was launched in 1990’s and it became popular in the year 2008 when Apple’s App Store and Android Market by Google were launched. In today’s technology driven worlds, where mobile devices are widespread, app development has become a full-fledged career with millions of jobs every year. Around 1.2 million apps are hosted by App stores. When it comes to the biggest problems for these apps is the discovery of these apps among the targeted users. So, how to increase visibility and discoverability of apps in today’s competitive marketplace?

Responsive Mobile Design

How to Win the App Marketing? Here are five steps towards success:

Start with a Great Product

If you are a developer, your app is like your baby. For you, it is the best and most awesome for any app store. But it may not be true for all. Check your app by letting your friends and families to try it and collect their reviews. If you have developed the app for your current website, ask the existing users to use it and check what they think of it. Make sure that your app is simple and useful enough, with totally new that people feel like sharing it with others. Follow the best designing layouts while designing and try to enhance user experience as much as possible.

Fully Optimize Your App

Optimization of your app is as important as you optimize your website for search engines. Here is how to optimize your app fully in the app stores:

  • Start with your app name: Make sure that your keyword is related to your app’s main function so that it can be easily picked up by the app store search engines. Think about the names: Evernote, Snapchat, etc.
  • Approach a Professional Writer: Description of your app is the first introduction your app to the potential users. Therefore, it is important that you hire a professional writer to write compelling and exciting description for your app. Make sure that the description also contains keywords.
  • List in the Right Category: List your app in the right category to make it appear in the search results in the app store easily.
  • Pictures Speaks thousands Words: Pick up the most impressive as well expressive screenshots of your app to make it presentable.

Maintain an Active Mobile Optimized Site

Make a single page website that describes the features of your website is a must. Make sure that your web design is mobile friendly. Here is quick advice for a convertible website: Optimize this web design like a regular website. Show social proofs for your app’s quality in the form of reviews from the real users on your site. Don’t forget to give a download link on your site.

Promote on Social Media for App Marketing

No marketing is complete if you don’t add a social media platform to it. Make your social media profiles for your application on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and post relative content (text, videos and images) on your profiles on a regular basis.

Get Existing Users to Market Your App for You

No one can better advocate than your existing and satisfied customers. You can do this by offering exciting freebies and discounts etc.

App marketing follows same principle as every other stuff follows to promote on the Internet. Follow these five steps to assure faster success in your app marketing efforts.


Are you putting efforts to your mobile app marketing, but all in vain? Here are five steps that you must follow if you want to assure success in your app marketing efforts?


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